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Green T Productions

Announcing the launch of Short Film production company Green T Productions, a collaboration between award winning director, script writer & author Karlina Veras with content creator and podcaster Timothy R Andrews.

We are delighted to present to you our first collaboration: "An Evening Coffee".


On Set of "An Evening Coffee;
Julia Satué


On Set of "An Evening Coffee";
Karlina Veras, Timothy R. Andrews;
Kim McNeilly & Andrea Galloway


Gael Le Cornec An Evening Coffee.png

Gaël Le Cornec; "Ruth"
Still from "An Evening Coffee"

Simon Lee An Evening Coffee.png

Simon Lee; "Boyle"
Still from "An Evening Coffee"

Simon Lee Boyle & Gael Cornec Ruth An Evening Coffee.png

Traditional Chinese Subtitles;
Still from "An Evening Coffee"
feat. Gaël Le Cornec & Simon Lee

Green Tea Productions White and Green on Black Transparent.png
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